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A Still Small Voice
Sarah Schneider

A Still Small Voice

The Golden Thread was developed by A Still Small Voice, a correspondence school that presents classic Judaism as a powerful path of spiritual transformation. It provides in-depth study of Jewish teachings that are not available by other means. Its weekly lessons draw from all aspects of the Jewish religious tradition; from its most hidden and kabbalistic mysteries to its most basic principles of faith and practice.

A Still Small Voice has enrolled hundreds of students, both advanced and beginners alike, since its inception in 1991. Its insightful teachings give practical guidance to all who seek a soulful connection to their Jewish roots. A year and a half of weekly lessons are currently available.

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Sarah Yehudit Schneider

Sarah (Susan) Schneider is the founding director of A Still Small Voice , a correspondence school that provides weekly teachings in classic Jewish wisdom to subscribers around the world. She writes and teaches in close cooperation with leading rabbanim and outreach professionals in Jerusalem. Sarah has pursued the study and practice of religion, meditation, and comparative mysticism since the early seventies, and since 1981 has lived in Jerusalem and followed and orthodox path of Jewish Observance.Sarah studied at Neve Yerushalayim and completed the advanced learning program there. She wrote and studied privately with Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, a noted teacher of Chassidut and Kabbala. She continues to consult him when questions arise in her writing, learning, and teaching. Since 1982 Sarah has been immersed in the study of Jewish texts and tradition.

Sarah has written Eating as Tikkun , Purim Bursts , and Kabbalistic Writings on the Nature of Masculine and Feminine , and has published three journal articles in B'Or HaTorah called "Evolution, Form, and Consciousness," "The Underside of Creative Expression," and "The Daughters of Tslafchad, Toward a Methodology of Attitude around Women's Issues." An expanded version of this last article appears in the anthology, "Torah of the Mothers," edited by Elper/Handelman, and published by Urim Press.

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