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Some 3,500 years ago, at Mt. Sinai, a searing revelation of Divine Presence entered the world. In a single instant, the truth-of-the-universe was compressed into a single burst of light and bequeathed to humanity. The implications of that prophetic transmission are still being unraveled. Each generation extracts another layer of teachings and discovers entirely new applications of its ancient wisdom. Any truth that links back to that initial revelation possesses a special power to impact the soul at its core. The Golden Thread is based on sources with exactly this distinction. And like puzzle pieces, they combine to present a picture of the Tree of Knowledge that comprises the following nine ingredients:

Malchut - Date Malchut - Date Yesod - Olive Hod - Pomegranate Netzach - Fig Tiferet - Etrog Gevurah - Etrog with Barley Chesed - Etrog with Wheat Da'at - Grape Binah - Barley Chochma - Wheat Keter - Multi-Tincture
The sefirot and their respective tinctures mapped on the human body.

1) wheat, 2) barley, 3) grapes, 4) figs,
5) pomegranates, 6) olives, 7) dates,
8) etrog (citron), 9) serpent (venom).

Eight are plants that currently grow in Israel. The ninth is venom from the Egyptian cobra, which is indigenous to Syria, Iraq, and Egypt. It is the snake depicted in the headdresses of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. These nine ingredients have been gathered, potentized, and turned into The Golden Thread , a homeopathic-type remedy that targets the spiritual root of dis-ease in the soul.

Each ingredient is also an archetype which means that it possesses a whole constellation of attributes. Each fills a unique position in the Kabbalistic map of reality called the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a specific arrangement of ten points, called sefirot , organized into three vertical pillars. The sefirot are ten channels of Divine flow and emanation that link the Transcendent Light with it's evolving and finite creation. They permeate all aspects of reality. The mystical correspondences between the sefirot and the body (here illustrated) connect each tincture to a specific psycho-spiritual condition. All this will be explained in the pages that follow. No previous familiarity with Kabbala is required.

The Personality Disorders included in the description of each tincture are the most extreme and pathological expression of that corresponding sefira . The idea is that we each have a personality style that leans toward one or another of these more exaggerated conditions. Identifying our psychological leaning is a useful tool for determining which tincture is our primary one.

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